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Technology is racing forward and in some cases it’s now beyond recognition. Yet recruitment and staffing, particularly within facilities management, remains chained to ink and paper. We think this slows companies down and denies workers of opportunities.

Orka Works is our flexible, transparent solution

Everything is managed completely in-house by our team, that’s from software development right through to the management of our ever-growing workerbase. Meet the customer support team below…

Since 2018 we have been helping traditional, regulated companies simplify their on-demand staffing, whilst giving workers everything they need to find shifts and manage schedules.

Based in central Manchester and part of a thriving technology scene, we use the latest in AI and automation to develop solutions for the complex tasks that are traditionally completed by a labour provider.

nick cco of orka works
Nick CCO
josh customer success team at orka works
Josh Customer Success
amber, customer success at orka works
Amber Customer Success
yass, community engagement at orka works
Yass Community Engagement
jon community engagement orka works
Jon Community Engagement

The Orka Group

Orka build products that improve the lives of hourly-paid workers and their employers, our technology solves problems around finding work, getting into work and being paid.

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