Frequently asked questions

Think of Orka Works as an extension of your team. With our platform, you can post shifts and a guaranteed vetted, qualified and (if applicable) licensed worker will fill it. It can be used to find temporary workers or to fill longer vacancies. We have workers all across the UK, although the size of the pool can vary a little for sector and location.
We have a “no shift filled, no fee” promise. This means that unless your posted shift is filled and worked by an Orka Worker, you will not get charged for it. You will only get charged for the shifts we fill for you.
Workers are paid through BACS each month but also have access to a percentage of their pay instantly after they complete a shift. Our workers have full employment rights and are employed through PAYE.
Nope! The platform is built to suit all levels of technical skill and anyone who can use a computer should be able to use the Orka platforms. Our Client Success team will be on hand for tutorials, support and further training, not just at the start of the partnership but throughout our partnership.
The Orka Integration Program allows third-party systems to integrate into the Orka Works platform. Find out more about the Orka Integration Programme here.
Orka workers clock in and out through the app. Before their shift starts, they will get a notification asking them to clock in at the appropriate time. They will have to be within a certain distance of your site to be able to clock in due to our Geofencing function.
Orka Works pre-screens all workers in-house, ensuring that we follow the strictest and most up-to-date guidelines for each industry.
This guarantees our clients fully vetted workers that have the right to work in the UK and the necessary licences for their role. For example, for Security Officers, Orka follows BS7858 screening guidelines.
This means a worker has to deliver documents to prove the following before they are allowed to apply for jobs through our app:
  • Proof of identification
  • Right to Work
  • Proof of address
  • 5-year employment history
  • SIA licence (or basic disclosure) for an employee
  • Professional memberships
  • Any gaps in employment over 31 days
If you have an issue with a worker our Client Success team will do their best to try and resolve the issue. Depending on the severity of your complaint, you can also block certain workers from sites. We also keep our workers to the highest standards and make it clear throughout their onboarding process and employment what behaviour we wish to see from them. Any complaint about a worker will result in an official investigation.