Blog_Header_Orka Worker stories: Sheettu, Security Officer

Sheettu Muse-ariyoh is a SIA qualified Security Officer and has been using Orka Works for almost three years. After a friend recommended it to him, Sheettu has been able to use the the app to work as a Security Officer at multiple sites, gain experience and become a choose the shifts he wants.

Gaining experience is key

“For you to work at most sites you need experience, trust and confidence. You need to show that you know the job. If you don’t know what you’re doing they’re never going to keep you on as an employee.” says Sheettu.

His first experience with the app was that you have to show employers you are trustworthy, reliable and able to do the job. For him, building up his experience across different sites was key.

“I kept applying, got accepted to a few jobs and worked on a couple of sites. As I gained more experience, I also built my profile on the app.”

How does Orka Works make his life easier?

It’s no secret that the security industry struggles with high staff turnover and what can sometimes be long recruitment times. This makes it harder for workers to find the right jobs at the right times. Sheettu explains that the Orka Works app eliminates this issue.

“Working through Orka Works is a brilliant experience, because normally if you apply for a job it takes a while to get responses – it can take ages! With Orka, all you have to do is go through the vetting, get accepted, apply to the jobs you want and when you get accepted, it’s instant.”

Any tips for new Orka Workers?

Sheettu is one of our long term users on the app, and he has the following advice for anyone who is just getting started:

“From my own experience, I’d give the following advice to new users. You have to be punctual. You have to be diligent. And you have to prove yourself and that you can do the job.” he says.

“If you’re not willing to do that and treat shifts as if they are just as important as any other job, employers aren’t going to keep you on. That’s what I’ve learned so far.”

He explains that finding a site you enjoy, building trust with the management and getting to know the regular staff is a huge part of representing Orka and is mutually beneficial for you as a worker.

“The site I’ve worked on is Westgrove in Oldham. I’ve had a spot on manager there, who knows the job well and is friendly. When you have a friendly workplace, it’s so much nicer to come to work.”

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