Worker Company


With SmartStaff you can take high performing temporary workers and seamlessly transition them into permanent members of your team.

Our job is to provide you with the very best temporary professionals, but what happens when you want to make them a more permanent member of your workforce?

Build Orka Works into your permanent recruitment strategy by making use of SmartStaff. Trial temporary workers on a shift-by-shift basis, or even use it as their probation period before making the decision to bring them aboard for good.

Using a worker’s profile page, simply tap in to notify us and the worker of your intentions. This triggers the beginning of a streamlined handover process. As part of this process you will also receive the worker’s full vetting file, saving you valuable time and money during onboarding.

How does it work?

We charge a single, transparent temp-to-perm fee based on the number of hours that a worker has totalled at your Sites.

Temp Hours Worked

per individual at one company
  • <240
  • 240+
  • 280+
  • 320+
  • 360+
  • 400+
  • 440+
  • 480+

SmartStaff Price

Temp to Perm fee
  • £1000
  • £950
  • £900
  • £850
  • £800
  • £700
  • £600
  • £500

By engaging a worker through the Orka Works app, the end client agrees to pay the gross hourly rate to Orka Works in respect of any hours approved. Should a company thereafter wish to hire that individual on a permanent basis, there may be a cost associated as above. Costs will incur VAT. All hours prior to temp to perm conversion to be recorded via app. Any concessions to be made at Orka’s discretion.

Getting started

While we are primarily in the temporary labour market, we understand that we have a duty to provide our community with the best possible long term opportunities.

SmartStaff incentivises high performance levels, and gives you the opportunity to trial temporary workers to find those who are a right fit for your business.